The hobby of bird keeping and breeding inevitably results in the creation of new mutations. Some of these can occur naturally in the wild but never survive. Human intervention has resulted in these "genetic throw-backs" being purposely paired for breeding to establish these colours to make them more widely available within the hobby.

On this page I have listed the colours and mutations, some are commonly available, some are not so easy to obtatin. To find out where to get hold of some of the rarer mutations why not join the Java Sparrow Society UK, they have many members who specialise in some of these rare beauties.


My personal favourite of the Java Colours, the Normal "Wild type".

I've said to people many times that the colour grey doesn't spring to mind as being a striking colour but seeing a normal Java Sparrow that is in good condition is, in my opinion, ...stunning!.

The true normal (ie: not split for any other colour) are difficult to obtain. However, the JSSUK has a number of members who are making a concerted effort to keep the normal as pure as possible.

Note: A good normal Java Sparrow should not have any white "tick" feathers under the lower mandible of the beak or in the wings.

Genetics: Dominant

Fair Price: £20 to £30 per pair (for clean, un-ticked birds)


Another favourite of mine is the fawn.

The lack of eumomelanin results in this mutations brownish appearence.

There are two types of Fawn available in aviculture and are referred to as red-brown and beige-brown (the beige brown is darker in its colourisation).

Genetics: Recessive

Fair Price: £20 to £30 per pair (for clean, un-ticked birds)


The Silver is a popular choice for Java sparrow breeders.

It's pale silver appearence is due to the total lack of phaeomelanin.

This mutation is also available in a dilute/pastel version whereby the silver feathering is very light in appearence, ie; Pastel Silver.

Genetics: Recessive

Fair Price: £20 to £30 per pair (for clean, un-ticked birds)



The Opal Isabel is a combination if the Silver (Opal) and the Fawn (Isabel).

It's fairly widespread in aviculture but not the easiest to obtain.

It appears a very pale silver (almost white) with a very pale creamy brown belly.

Genetics: Recessive

Fair Price: £25 to £35per pair (for clean, un-ticked birds)


In my opinion the White is one of the most stunning mutations available.

The white comes in two versions, dark eye and red eye.

One theory is that the dark eyed are 100% Pied Normal's and the red eyed being 100% Pied Fawns.

Genetics: Recessive

Fair Price: £25 to £35 per pair

Relatively new in UK aviculture (since 2005...with exception to a single Agate discovered by Rob Salem in 2003).

At first glance non-Java enthusiasts would say it was a normal/wild type but there are subtle differences.

The head is a dark brown, the eyes a ruby red and the belly is a pale creamy/fawn colour.

Also know as "Topaz" in Holland and "Cherry Blossom" in Japan.

Genetics: Recessive

Fair Price: £30 to £40 per pair (for clean, un-ticked birds)

Very similar to the normal, however, the overall colour is diluted resulting in a much paler looking Java.

Not too many of these are about and, in my opinion, difficult to obtain should a cock and hen be required.

Java keepers who keep Creams are usually a good source should you wish to buy Pastels as they are required to breed the Cream combination.

Genetics: Sex-Linked

Fair Price: £25 to £35 per pair (for clean, un-ticked birds)

The Cream is a combination of the Fawn (Isabel) and Pastel (Dilute).

The head, abdomen and tail are a very pale "gingery" brown and the rest of the body appears almost white.

The Cream is one of the most desired of the Java colours and they tend to be one of the more expensive to purchase.

Genetics: Recessive

Fair Price: £30 to £45 per pair (for clean, un-ticked birds)

Predominantly available in the normal/wild type variant.

Random white patches appear all over the birds body and head.

This can vary from one or two very small white "tick" marks under the chin or in the outer primary feathers to varying degrees of white patches covering the bird.

The most sought after are ideally 50% pied.

Genetics: Recessive

Fair Price: £10 to £30 per pair
(expect to pay the higher end of the price scale for birds that are well marked).

Most of the colours and mutations are widely available with UK aviclture.

For further information in obtaining these varities, why not join the Java Sparrow Soiciety UK who can point you in the right direction of their members who specialise in the various mutations.
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